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TITAN has been manufacturing the flatbed trailer for decades, the tri axle flatbed trailer for sale is the hotest selling product among our African customers.
TITAN is using the best material to make the main beam if the 3 axle flatbed semi trailer, which makes it can take more weights.
3 axle flatbed trailers for sale in namibia uses Q345 high-strength steel to produce the trailer. The 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale middle plate of its main beam is 500 mm high and 8 mm thick.
Diesel tanker trailer for sale uses enhanced suspension, whose thickness is 8 mm. And the diameter of the kin pin is 70 mm, which makes the fuel tanker trailer more strength.
Stainless steel tanker for sale has high strength and toughness, and can withstand high pressure and impact, so the structural stability and safety of oil tanker trailer for sale are high.
4 axle semi tanker trailer is widely used in the transportation of petroleum, gasoline and its derivatives.
TITAN end dump trailer for sale adopt high strength steel to make it durable when loading the sand or small stones or rocks. And the loading capacity is 40t, 60t, 80t.
The dump semi trailer carriage is inclined at a certain angle so that the cargo in the carriage is unloaded.
TITAN semi tipper trailer adopt high strength steel to make it durable when load the sand or small stones or rocks. TITAN tipper semi trailer equipped with reliable hydraulic HYVA cylinder.
Side loader trailer for sale loading capacity is 37 tons. Container side loader for sale can carry both 40 ft container and 20 ft container.
Container side loader for sale usually have the characteristics of high flexibility and simple operation, and can be used for hoisting items in narrow workplaces or high-altitude operations, and have good adaptability.
The multiple applications possible with the side lift trailer make it an indispensable tool for your organization, whether it is for transfers, grounding, lifting, or double stacking.
TITAN 40ft low bed trailer for sale is the best trailer that customer can transport heavy loads, like heavy vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery etc.
The gooseneck is the same width as the work platform. This design make the work platform longer, so this 3 axle lowbed trailer be able to afford more cargos.
The load-bearing surface of the lowbed trailer truck frame is designed according to user requirements to meet the transportation of various special goods.
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