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TITAN 40 foot flatbed trailer in Namibia adopt high-strength steel. The biggest feature of high-strength steel is its high strength.
The size of the 40 ft trailer loading area is determined according to the standard container size, 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale in Namibia can transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container.
CIMC provides you the accurate design for tipper trailer to meet your needs for heavy construction work in extreme demand.
Single tire flat bed trailer is carefully designed to desired heights and weight capacity to safely load and transport containers from one location to another.
With the latest automatic welding machine for welding the diesel fuel trailer for sale in Namibia tank body, that ensures the high quality of welding seams, long service life and good appearance in the fuel trailers body.
Stainless steel tanker for sale in Namibia is mainly used to transport food such as edible oil, and cooking oil and can be divided into those with an insulation layer and those without an insulation layer.
Petrol tanker trailer with high loading, unloading and transportation efficiency. Guarantee the quality of goods. Conducive to transportation safety. Reduce shipping costs.
The sulphuric acid tanker trailer is used for transporting different kinds of acids such as: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid and Acetic acid among others as used for different industrial applications.
80 ton dump trailer for sale in Namibia adopts high strength steel to make it durable when loading the sand or small stones or rocks.
The tipper semi trailer in Namibia carriage adopts rear-dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader.
3 axle 60 ton tractor tipper trailer for sale in Namibia is a vehicles used to transport construction materials such as sand, clay, and plate materials. The dumping rate is relatively high.
34 ton side tipper for sale is another type of tipper trailer, and it allows goods to be unloaded from the side. The main types of cargo transported by this semi-trailer are building materials, such as stone, sand, etc.
Steelbro side loader for sale in Namibia loading capacity is 37 tons. Container side loader for sale can carry both 40 ft container and 20 ft container, which is our most popular side loader trailer for sale.
TITAN side lifter trailer for sale in Namibia has made work flexible, Saves time and improves productivity for satisfied customers around the world.
Sidelifter container trailer for sale loading capacity is 40 tons. Sidelifter trailer for sale can carry both 40 ft container and 20 ft container.
The lower the platform height of the excavator trailer, the better the stability and safety. Lowbed trailer in Namibia has a large carrying capacity when transporting extra high and medium cargo.
Low bed trailer for sale in Namibia optional JOST landing gear, is the world famous recognized brand accessories. Better bearing capacity, long service life.
Sinotruk in Namibia comply with the credibility of the first commitment to pay attention to every detail, understand what customer needs well, and strive to produce the most suitable for howo tractor truck.
Sino trucks howo tractor in Namibia excellent power, stable and reliable performance, economy and comfort reach the international level.
Each foton auman truck goes through 36 quality controlling procedures, ensuring the quality of our manufactured products.
Equipped with Cummins’ heavy-duty ISG engine, the EST foton truck for sale is designed to meet customers’ demands for performance
The Foton GTL truck tractor is equipped with quality disc brakes and manually operated trailer brake valves; ensuring a safe and effective braking system.
Shacman h3000 tractor head is a heavy-duty truck independently developed and designed by SHACMAN Company.
The thickness of the material on the front of the cab is strengthened, and the frame structure is adopted.
A lot of innovative technologies are used during the research and development of the shacman f3000 6x4 tractor truck, which ensures the high reliability of the whole vehicle and reduces the failure rate.
Shacman dump truck has a powerful shape, designed by international manufacturing designers so you can use a dump truck shacman that is pleasing to the eye and high quality.
This Faw china truck is specially suitable for Africa road condition, The engine of faw trucks for sale adopts the Xichai CA6DM2 product, which has excellent fuel-saving and reliability performance.
Faw tractor head offering world class comfort and styling combined with advanced fuel-efficient high horsepower engines, providing optimum productivity at the lowest possible operating cost.
Well-known for its fuel efficiency, light weight and low maintenance cost, forging a high cost performance Faw jh6 truck with high efficiency, reliability, safety and comfort ability.
Faw tipper for sale on the basis of the original model, the cab, engine, gearbox, rear axle and suspension system have been comprehensively improved.
The size of the CIMC flatbed trailer for sale loading area is determined according to the standard container size, tri axle flatbed trailer can transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container.
CIMC trailers depends on high quality materials, leading technology and world famous accessories. Ensure the quality and durability of the CIMC container flatbed trailer.
CIMC container chassis trailer is used to transport containers, and container trailer for sale have different shapes and sizes. CIMC Vehicles can be customized to 20/40/45/53 foot.
CIMC tri axle skeletal trailer for sale is used for shipping containers, skeletal trailer come in different shapes and sizes. 12m skeletal trailer for sale especially used for transportation of various containers.
CIMC fuel tanker trailer for sale in Namibia adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the fuel tanker trailer for you according to your request.
CIMC petrol tanker for sale cross section is international standard small circle arc so that the stress of tank is more uniform and stronger.The thickness of plate can meet international standard.



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